Thoughs about hunterxhunter chapter 124

-spolers alert-

I saw the chapter two days ago and of course I cried (not a lot just 2 tears) but not as I expected because I was more in a suffering mode than in a sad mode. I felt like my stomach was going to explode for all the things I felt while seeing and hearing Killua cries and screams.

And I don’t know why people say is the first time they see killua cry, correct me If I am wrong but I think it is actually the 3rd time whe see him crying (series not movie)

The last two times where for almost the same reason or should I say they were for the same person?

The first time he cried at the end of NGL arc because he felt empathy for Gon’s feeling about being weak. He started crying because he saw Gon’s emotional suffering. Of course that affected Killua, he’s so attached to Gon than even when Gon is sad he feels sad.

The second time was during Gon’s date with Palm, when Killua followed them and felt the aura of a chimera ant. He cried because he wanted to protect Gon but he couldn’t do anything because of Illumi’s voice in his head telling him to run. The thing he was most scared of was of leaving Gon to die (like Bisky said) because he was scared of fighthing someone stronger than him. He cried because he wanted to stay for Gon, his best friend, alhtough his mind was telling him to scape.

It looks like all Killuas breakdowns are towards one person and that person, my friends, is obviously Gon.

Seriously I just want to HUG KILLUA and make him feel better. But it wouldn’t work out at all because the one who should be doing that is Gon, no Alluka, no anyone else. 

I didn’t like the fact they got apart in the end of the arc but maybe is the best. Killua needs some time to think and maybe to feel loved for at least a member of his family. I hope after that Gon had already realized all the tnihgs killua has done and suffered for him and reward him (in emotional way) for that.  Meanwhile, please Alluka take care of my sweet boy.

Guys, I want to share with you a picture of my university`s  lagoon. It looked pinker.

Guys, I want to share with you a picture of my university`s lagoon. It looked pinker.


from spoon 2d

I have to shut my mouth„,=.=

Mmm, maybe it’s just me but I think the last picture instead of looking like a romance scene looks like the main character of the videogame is trying to comfort yata or just she haven’t noticed he’s sad. Yata looks sad to me.

Now I see the relationship between Seri and Fushimi as one of an older sister and brother.

Where the sister is all responsible and always wants to command to his younger brother ( fushimi) and the younger brother is totally antipathic and pissed off about that.

Today is my birthday, although it doesn’t feel like that

Yup, today March 11th is my birthday and it feels awkward.

Maybe because I was used to have my friends congratulating me as soon as I arrived to school but now I just can read their messages, it`s not the same.

I do even remember that my friends were the first ones to ever make me a sorprise party, it was just a cake but nobody had ever made sth like that for me before.

I miss the old days. But well, I`ll be ok, so…Happy Birthday Dulce!!!!
I wish I find more people who cares for me in that way and also I wish to see my old friends.

Because Killua feelings hurt me I want him to be happy

I’m totally sure Killua is in love with Gon, just that he hasn’t realized that it’s a romantic love. The only thing Killua knows and he’s pretty sure is that Gon is his most important person in the world.

Yeah, Iknow he told Gon Alluka is numbre 1 and he is number 2 but let’s be honest, Alluka needs Killua much than Gon does plus they need some time apart in order to killua to maybe realize his feelings and for Gon to discover what happened to him after his fight with Pitou.

And they also need to spend time with their familiy.

I’m not asking for Killua and Gon to kiss or something like that, I just hope one they Killua can confess oppenly how he feels for Gon, not with one “I love you” just with “You’r the most important to me” or “I need you more than anything” or “I want to be with you forever” wich to be honest are things that killua really thinks of Gon

And I’d like to see Gon seriously answering to Killua’s  feelings, not with one o his common charming smiles, with one  of those smiles that Killua always gives to him, with love.

And please Togashi make them have a hug scene after Gon knows the thruth of who saved him, because we need to see Gon really apreciating what killua did for him and to see Killua happy and cherished for his most precious person.

Killua deserves a dramatic HUG scene with Gon!!!


Here is the master post with all of the current ones together in one spot! Thank you guys for the support!

You haven’t had a boyfriend before?

Today I remember that a week ago on Valentine’s day I stayed in the classroom until we were just 3 guys, the teacher (female) and me.

Like it was Valentine’s day they started talking about love and what they were going to do with their girlfriends (in the case of two guys beacuse one broke up with her girlfriend) and husband.

So, the pont is that the teacher asked me if I had a boyfriend and although it sometimes makesss me feel embarrased I said the truth.

Teacher: so what about you?

Y: well I dont have a boyfriend… (here we go again, she’s gonna ask If I ever have had one :I )

Teacher: ohh well, buy you have had one before, don’t you?

Y: no… never 

Teacher: why, you haven’t had a boyfriend?

Y: (like I know!!) well… I’ve never liked someone that way and I guess nobody has ever liked me that way either (yup, that’s the truth)

Teacher: … 

Guys: ….


Teacher: soo, Jorge what about you?? how did you meet your girlfrioend?!!!

I’m not saying I need a man but sometimes I wondere what it feels to like someone and to be liked back. But I also sometimes think that I’m better alone, I mean, I have some good friends (although we are far aprt of each other) and an awesome family, so I do have love in my live.


Day 1133  - 14 January  2014

I was talking to someone recently about how google keeps track of your searches and


OMG Thanks Google T.T this is sweet

Kassim on Aladdin’s upcoming broadway show

So I was reading an article of the actors who are gonna play the  main characters in Aladdin’s upcoming  show. And as a fan of Magi: THe labyrinth og magic and MAgi: The Kingdom the Magi I got excited when I saw the name of a character that plays and important role in the manga and anime (although I dont know in the original book).

Look at this, Aladdin is gonna have 3 best friends and they’re gonna be a gang.Also there’s no Abu.

Yes, there’s Kassim :D !!!

And there’s gonna be also a song of Aladdin to his deceased mother T.T